Guest House

When I was shown this quote I instantly felt moved by it. What I see that this poem is trying to say is that emotions are not permanent but only temporary. At least that's what I get out of it.


Do you ever wonder what goes on when someone is in a coma? Do they have a thought process? Do they hear everything that's going on? Even though I wonder what happens I have the fear of actually being in one. It sounds like a terrifying experience. Being alive and yet not being totally alive.... Continue Reading →


There you are, ever watching Always Stalking my every move Always Whispering in my ear Always You are my demon, yet my friend Always Making me feel less lonely Always Haunting my thoughts Always Promise you'll never go Please be here Always

Writer’s Block

So I have been writing a story for about a year and it has been taking me forever to finish...... obviously lol. Anyway when I first started it was so easy to keep going and I liked how it was going (even though I think it isn't really that good). Now I'm having huge writer's... Continue Reading →

Dark and Light

Who knew that they could exist Who knew they could exist in me The dark And the light Consumes me.... Someone.... Make the darkness go away....

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