Being a Mom


What do you think when I say motherhood? “That it can’t be that hard” or even “It shouldn’t cause you so much stress”. People who haven’t been mothers or even fathers can’t really imagine how hard but awarding being a parent really is.

I currently have my son, Noah (18 moths), and my stepson, Everett (8 years old). Believe me it’s no picnic in the park. You have to deal with them not listening or throw temper tantrums, Getting into things they aren’t supposed to or even doing things they aren’t supposed to.

Would I give that all up? No way. The life I have now is great.

When I had Noah I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I knew that there were going to be many poopy diapers, being peed on, and even be spit up on. I knew there were going to be late nights and even be woken up throughout the night. There were even times he would be crying and I didn’t know how to help him and that just crushed me. I was living at my mom’s at the time so I went to her a lot for help. There was even a time that he spat up so much that I didn’t know what to do….it scared me because I thought there was something wrong. It had happen twice.

As he grew up to being the cute, energetic, happy baby he is now I can’t help but think that it was all worth it. It does pain me to hear him cry and sometimes I don’t know how to help him or I have to say no to him because he wants something he can’t have (sometimes I cave though. LOL!).

I love how I see the two boys interact. You can tell they really love each other and I was happy to be able to give Everett someone he can play with and love. Though sometimes I have to tell him not to do some things because he is either being too rough with Noah or he is doing something we don’t want Noah to learn.

Even now I worry about my son because when I try to teach him things he doesn’t seem interested…. all he cares about is playing. Which of course is not a bad thing. I just want him to learn the things he needs to but I should also remember that he is already learning so much as it is and things will come in time.

I love what I do. I’m a stay at home mom and I love it being this way. I love my kids and I’m glad to have them. Yes it can be stressful and hard but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and I’ll see you next time!


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