Life After Death


Have you ever wondered what happens after you die? I’m a Christian so I of course believe that we go to heaven when we die but I am also open to other ideas. Another theory I find interesting is reincarnation. I think that too could be possibility.

But going to a place where it is peaceful and beautiful. Where you live eternally with your loved ones seems to be a wonderful thing.

My friend is very into that reincarnation idea and she has done a lot of research about it. She had said that there was an article about someone who was reincarnated from Anne Frank. She said that the article said that a child knew where Anne Frank lived with no prior knowledge of the story of anything involving her. Seeing that the child lived in the same city Anne Frank did this child was able to bring their parents to where she once lived. Interesting right?

Of course there is a lot of stories about other theories of reincarnation being a possibility.

Heaven and Hell. Reincarnation. They seem to be the biggest beliefs of what happens after we die.

I saw a post on Facebook once saying that the light you see when you die could also be you being reborn into another life. Like you die and then being born as a baby and living a whole new life. I found that interesting too.

What do you think happens after we die? I would love to know what your opinions and theories are!

Have a great day!


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