Today I just finished a program called Daybridge. It was a three week program that helped me learn skills that I can use towards my depression, anxiety, and stress. It was a group therapy so there were others there as well.

I didn’t want many people knowing I was going because I felt kind of ashamed about going; like I was already supposed to know how to deal with it since I have been dealing with my mental illness for years. So I wasn’t totally proud about going.

At first when I went there I wasn’t expecting much. I didn’t believe that it would work for me. I had my doubts. As I went through the weeks of this program I slowly came to learn that the stuff they provided was actually very helpful. I also liked the fact that it gave me a more structured life and got me to be social with others. Being able to talk about my life and struggles and being give feedback was very helpful and appreciated. So I thank you (no one from the program is going to see this but I felt that the thank you was still needed. Lol!)

At the end of the program we got to pick a stone with a word or saying. As you can see mine above that was the stone I chose.

I gave a speech during my “graduation” on completing the program pretty much saying that while we were in the group therapy that we really do need each other for the support and just being there. Listening. Giving feedback. Helping each other.

I also chose it because it would remind me that even outside of the group I have my friends and family that can be there for me and I am there for them.

“We have each other.”

So don’t forget that. Don’t forget that there are people around you that would be glad to help you out. Don’t think that it isn’t possible to get help in any way possible. For me what I really need emotional support and I know I can get that.

I want to apologize to the people I didn’t tell about me doing this. I was just scared of people knowing because at the beginning I was ashamed. Now I am totally happy that I went. It helped take care of myself and helped me emotionally. It will help with dealing with everything and making better relationships with others and get me to keep going.

I love you all and I hope life will give you what you need. Get the help that you need!


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