Book Club

I recently saw the movie The Book Club and it was a great movie! I highly recommend it! But to get back to what I originally want to say……

It made me realize that being in a book club would be fun and interesting. I mean I love reading and you get introduced to new books each month!

Two issues though…..

1. I’m an introvert and 2. I don’t like speaking my thoughts or opinions out loud in fear of what others would say…..and to sound and feel stupid.

So what do I do? All I can think of doing is just continue on doing what I do (which is reading alone and never talk about it to anyone else).

I think I would be fine with having a small group of people (like 4-6 people) to talk to about books but any bigger than that you might as well just shove me in the corner. Lol!

If you have any advice please give it to me!

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