Day #2 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Where you’d like to be in 10 years….

Hm…that’s kind of a toughy considering I’m 27 and in 10 years ill be 37 (gross….lol)

Let’s see

I would like to be in a better home and maybe have a job. Haven’t decided yet if I will want to ever go back to work since right now I’m a stay at home mom.

I would like to see that my children have grown up happy and healthy and that they continue to do so.

I would have liked to have traveled to Scotland by then but there would still be some time after that too though. I would like to be young though when I go there.

I would hope that my mental illness be better than it is now but sometimes I think that it will probably never get better and I can live with that but it would still be nice to be better.

I would also like to have the stories I’m working on and another book idea I have done by then.

Honestly there are many things I would like to have or where I would like to be by then but here you go with some examples….

I could go on but we would be here for a very long time….

We don’t have time for that….

So there you go! Have a nice day!

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