Day #8 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Share something you struggle with….

One of my main things I struggle with is my depression.

Everyday I just feel like I’m in a never ending darkness that makes me feel like nothing will get better. That one thing happens and then something else happens that gets me more down.

Don’t get me wrong I do have good days when I’m happy but underneath it all I having that aching feeling.

I hate that people don’t understand. Understand what I’m feeling or why I’m feeling it. I just wish that there was someone who understands so I can talk to them.

People say that it’s all in your head and that everything is fine but that isn’t always true. Not everything is fine.

Sometimes there isn’t even a reason for it. You just feel sad and you don’t know why.

Sometimes people say that its only temporary. That’s not true…..always.

Mental illness isn’t something that can just go away. Most of the time its there permanently……like for me.

I have to take medication to keep me from doing bad things.

So please….don’t take depression lightly. Some people have it worse than others. I’m one of the people that have it worse.

Just be there for the people who need it. That need to reach out. That need to talk about what they are going through.

Sometimes if they can’t….then that’s the end for them.

So watch for the warning signs. Be there for them. That’s all I ask.

Sorry for the depressing post. I just hope you understand now.

Try and have a good day! You are all important and matter!

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