Day #11 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Your family:

Its not being very specific on which part of family I’m supposed to talk about… I’m just going to talk about the family I have created.

I love my family so much. They make me happy every single day.

My family consists of me, my husband, my step son, and my son. We are so far a small family but I’m hoping soon we can add one more child to the family.

My husband is caring, loving, supportive, and he makes me smile. He makes me happy and he has a great sense of humor. Yeah of course we have our little fights but what couple doesn’t? I’m just happy that I ended up marrying him.

My son is quite the character. He has so much energy and he does the most goofiest things. Its never a dull moment with him. I love him so much and he is the reason my heart beats.

My step son is a good kid. He does what he his asked (even though later he forgets) and he is really good with his little brother. I know he cares for all of us. He really likes drawing and he is actually pretty good at it for his age. I’m just happy I can accept him as my son.

Hopefully when we have another child it will be a girl so I’m not surrounded by all boys but even if we have another boy I would still be happy and love him. It would just be nice having another girl in the family.

Well that’s it for today! Have a good one!

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