Day #16 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Something that you miss:

That would be my dog Spencer. He was such a good dog and he was so special to me. We had a connection that I never had with any animal before.

He was born 7/24/2005 and died 3/12/2014 due to cancer. He was only 9 when he died. To soon and too young.

I had to help bring him to the emergency vet to put him to sleep because he was suffering and neither me or my family wanted him to suffer so it had to be done.

It was a very emotional night for me. I still cry sometimes.

I wish there was a way I could bring him back but of course that isn’t possible….

I just miss him so much.

Sorry once again for missing posting the next writing challenge a day late. But here it is!

Have a great morning/afternoon/night!

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