Day #17 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

What is the thing you most wish you were great at…..

Well I could say I would want to be great at being a mother but no one is great at that….we just do what we can….I still like to hope that I am being a great mom….or at least a good one….

So what I am going to choose is writing. I wish I was great at that…..

I’m in the middle of writing two stories and one as just an idea right now. I keep getting writer’s block and I don’t know how to make the stories more interesting….. I feel like I’m just typing away and not really getting anywhere with it. Like I’m writing one of those stories that just drag.

I have ideas I want to put into the stories but its getting to that point is what I’m struggling with right now.

I would love to continue writing them but I feel discouraged because I keep thinking that I’m bad at writing.

I’m not even sure if my blogs are even that interesting.

I just want to be a great writer….

That’s all…..

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