Day #19 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

So yesterday was crazy with having to go to an eye appointment among other things so That’s why I didn’t do this yesterday….so I’m sorry.

Disrespecting your parents….

I don’t think anyone should disrespect their parents. They do so much for you and give you what you need to make your life easier.

Of course if you have an abusive parent then its hard to respect them and I get that but just because one parent treats you like shit doesn’t mean you should take it out on the other parent.

Disrespecting your parents doesn’t show them that you are grateful for what they do for you. You want them to know you are thankful for making life as you grow up good for you. If you don’t think they are doing a good job then you have to think again because they are doing their best.

No one is perfect.

Well that’s it for today! Hopefully see you tomorrow!

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