Day #20 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Your Fears:

In all honestly I have many fears. Fears that sometimes take over me you could say. Do I wish to talk about them? Not really because I think that leaves me vulnerable. I don’t like that but I guess I can share the less heavy ones…..

1. Spiders…… I cant stand the damn things. I instantly have a heart attack when seeing one. Yes if I have to I will kill them but if there is someone around ill make them kill it because I’m honestly scared to death of them.

2. Failure. I think everyone has this fear. For me I just don’t want to let people down or even myself. Sometimes I feel like I’m failing as a mother and that worries me. I want what’s best for my kids but sometimes I can’t help but think that my best isn’t enough.

3. Clowns. For the longest time I refused to watch the movie IT because of the damn clown in it. And ill admit that when I see clowns at parades ill try and hide. Stupid and childish…I know.

And here is my last one I will share…..

4. The Dark. Yes I’m a child pretty much. I’m scared of what could go bump in the night. What’s hiding in the closet or what’s hiding in the shadows. “Do you have a light on at night?” Yes I do. I have a salt lamp on every time I go to bed. I’m just glad my husband doesn’t mind it! Haha

There you go. Just a few of my fears.

Bye for now!

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