Day #24 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Your favorite movie and what it is about…

I have many favorite movies but The Notebook is very high on that list.

The Notebook:

Its about this older man reading a story about his life from when he was a teenager to an older lady….

The story starts out with when he was in his teen years and how he fell in love with this girl. They were born on two sides of the tracks (him being on the poor side and her being on the rich side) but they were inseparable.

It was a summer romance.

At the end of the summer she had to move back to where she originally lived and they didn’t see each other for many years….

Until they were reunited but she was engaged.

I’m not going to say anymore because I don’t want to ruin the movie to people who haven’t seen it so I kept it vague….

If you haven’t watched the movie….I highly recommend it!

Til next time!

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