Day #30 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Well here is the last day for this challenge! Ill probably do it again in the future! I had fun with this and I hope you got more of an insight of who I am….

Well here is the last one!

List 10 things you would hope to be remembered for…..

  1. That I’m a good mother
  2. That I try my best in everything
  3. That I’m caring and loving
  4. That even though we might not be friends anymore or are my friend now that I cherish every moment we have/had together.
  5. That I love my family….all of my family.
  6. That all I wanted was for everyone to be happy.
  7. That I was always there for people or tried to be
  8. That I love every single one of the people in my life.
  9. That I love Doctor Who!
  10. That I said this…. “Don’t give up. You matter.”

Well I hope you enjoyed this! Bye!

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