I may not have been missed but to those of you who do follow me I want to say I'm sorry for not blogging much. This past month has been hard on me emotionally but I got it under control. I'm better now. Now I'll try and blog much more! Thank you for understanding!


I have been debating on things to write for my blog because I love doing this (even though I have been slacking on it...) But it dawned on me.... Yes I love writing so... What would people think if I found writing prompts and write little stories that involve it? Is that a good idea?... Continue Reading →


I recently started kickboxing. It's great exercise and it really kicks your ass. Even though it does that I'm actually (in a way) enjoying it. Believe me....when I'm actually doing the workouts I just want to give up. It is hard but I keep telling myself that I can do this....I can make a better... Continue Reading →

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