I have been debating on things to write for my blog because I love doing this (even though I have been slacking on it...) But it dawned on me.... Yes I love writing so... What would people think if I found writing prompts and write little stories that involve it? Is that a good idea?... Continue Reading →

Day #23 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Serious slacker....my apologies.... Write a letter to someone,anyone. Dear Everyone, I decided to write to everyone who reads this because I can't just choose one. What I want to say is that.... You matter. You're important. You are loved. You mean the world to someone or more than one person. Never give up. Keep fighting.... Continue Reading →

Day #19 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

So yesterday was crazy with having to go to an eye appointment among other things so That's why I didn't do this yesterday....so I'm sorry. Disrespecting your parents.... I don't think anyone should disrespect their parents. They do so much for you and give you what you need to make your life easier. Of course... Continue Reading →

Day #15 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

If you were an animal, what would you be and why? I would love to be a wolf. They are my favorite animal. They are such beautiful animals and their howls are beautiful as well. I love how they take care of each other. Making sure that in anyway they are protecting the others. Acting... Continue Reading →

Day #8 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Share something you struggle with.... One of my main things I struggle with is my depression. Everyday I just feel like I'm in a never ending darkness that makes me feel like nothing will get better. That one thing happens and then something else happens that gets me more down. Don't get me wrong I... Continue Reading →

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