Writer’s Block

So I have been writing a story for about a year and it has been taking me forever to finish...... obviously lol. Anyway when I first started it was so easy to keep going and I liked how it was going (even though I think it isn't really that good). Now I'm having huge writer's... Continue Reading →

Dark and Light

Who knew that they could exist Who knew they could exist in me The dark And the light Consumes me.... Someone.... Make the darkness go away....

This is me….All of me….

I'm not perfect. No one is. I have my days where I can be happy, silly, excited and so on. I'm a loving and caring person. Of course though I have my flaws....too many I think in my opinion but oh well.... I have severe depression, severe anxiety, somewhat of anger issues, I have abandonment... Continue Reading →

Life After Death

Have you ever wondered what happens after you die? I'm a Christian so I of course believe that we go to heaven when we die but I am also open to other ideas. Another theory I find interesting is reincarnation. I think that too could be possibility. But going to a place where it is... Continue Reading →


Remember all the places you have been to. Remember all the people who were and are in your life. Remember the impact they had in your life. Good and bad. Remember the love or hate they had for you. Remember the little things in life because those things are important too. But also remember who... Continue Reading →

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