I recently started kickboxing. It's great exercise and it really kicks your ass. Even though it does that I'm actually (in a way) enjoying it. Believe me....when I'm actually doing the workouts I just want to give up. It is hard but I keep telling myself that I can do this....I can make a better... Continue Reading →

Day #21 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Slacking again...sigh.... One of your favorite Tv Shows.... My all time favorite show is Doctor Who. I mean yeah I have other favorite tv shows but this is my #1 favorite. It has a mixture of excitement, humor, love, and sadness. You get hit with so many feelings as you watch it. It really is... Continue Reading →

Day #19 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

So yesterday was crazy with having to go to an eye appointment among other things so That's why I didn't do this I'm sorry. Disrespecting your parents.... I don't think anyone should disrespect their parents. They do so much for you and give you what you need to make your life easier. Of course... Continue Reading →

My Mom

Today I went to sit with my mom at a art/craft show she was a crafter/vendor at. In the above picture this is what she makes and more. She is able to do any design or saying anyone would want! She is absolutely amazing at doing this sort of thing. I give her so many... Continue Reading →

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