Day #21 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Slacking again...sigh.... One of your favorite Tv Shows.... My all time favorite show is Doctor Who. I mean yeah I have other favorite tv shows but this is my #1 favorite. It has a mixture of excitement, humor, love, and sadness. You get hit with so many feelings as you watch it. It really is... Continue Reading →

Day #11 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Your family: Its not being very specific on which part of family I'm supposed to talk I'm just going to talk about the family I have created. I love my family so much. They make me happy every single day. My family consists of me, my husband, my step son, and my son. We... Continue Reading →


All I do is think Think of the things that could happen Or the things of the past Or even the future Sometimes my thoughts are scary Some are loving And some are happy But all I know Is that things will be okay That the bad thoughts won't always be there So if you... Continue Reading →

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