I have been debating on things to write for my blog because I love doing this (even though I have been slacking on it...) But it dawned on me.... Yes I love writing so... What would people think if I found writing prompts and write little stories that involve it? Is that a good idea?... Continue Reading →

Day #23 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Serious slacker....my apologies.... Write a letter to someone,anyone. Dear Everyone, I decided to write to everyone who reads this because I can't just choose one. What I want to say is that.... You matter. You're important. You are loved. You mean the world to someone or more than one person. Never give up. Keep fighting.... Continue Reading →

Day #4 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Write about someone who inspires you... I think the person who inspires me most is my mom. She has been my role model my whole life. Someone who loves unconditionally. She inspires me to do my best through life because she always did that as well....no matter what challenges got in her way. She is... Continue Reading →

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