I recently started kickboxing. It's great exercise and it really kicks your ass. Even though it does that I'm actually (in a way) enjoying it. Believe me....when I'm actually doing the workouts I just want to give up. It is hard but I keep telling myself that I can do this....I can make a better... Continue Reading →

Day #20 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Your Fears: In all honestly I have many fears. Fears that sometimes take over me you could say. Do I wish to talk about them? Not really because I think that leaves me vulnerable. I don't like that but I guess I can share the less heavy ones..... 1. Spiders...... I cant stand the damn... Continue Reading →

Day #13 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Somewhere you would like to move or visit: SCOTLAND! All the pictures I have seen look so beautiful! Not to mention I'm part Scottish and love it! The accent is half bad either...... Would I like to move there or visit there? Let's see.... I think I would first want to visit there. Get a... Continue Reading →

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