Day #13 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Somewhere you would like to move or visit: SCOTLAND! All the pictures I have seen look so beautiful! Not to mention I'm part Scottish and love it! The accent is half bad either...... Would I like to move there or visit there? Let's see.... I think I would first want to visit there. Get a... Continue Reading →

Day #4 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Write about someone who inspires you... I think the person who inspires me most is my mom. She has been my role model my whole life. Someone who loves unconditionally. She inspires me to do my best through life because she always did that as matter what challenges got in her way. She is... Continue Reading →

Day #3 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Describe your relationship with your parents Well my parents aren't together so I have separate relationships with them. Wasn't sure if they were asking as a whole.... My relationship with my mom is very close. She is like my best friend. We care and love each other. She is always there for me when I... Continue Reading →

My Mom

Today I went to sit with my mom at a art/craft show she was a crafter/vendor at. In the above picture this is what she makes and more. She is able to do any design or saying anyone would want! She is absolutely amazing at doing this sort of thing. I give her so many... Continue Reading →

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